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Are you ready for a new day?

Few could have imagined the unusual, exhausting and frightening times we are living in these days.


Healthcare givers, frontline employees and people in all walks of life are experiencing uncertainty and may not have the tools to create a positive path forward.


I will walk with you sharing tools, techniques and meaningful ways to help you renew and have moments of joy even when you feel hopeless.


A new day is rising for you and I will support you to see it and experience it.

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The Healthcare Renew Program

The Healthcare Renew Program (HRP) is a safe, gentle and effective approach to help healthcare givers reflect on and make sense of what they are experiencing during COVID-19. Without reflection, meaning and a plan to do things differently, healthcare givers become depleted and defeated. This does no good for anyone--and may disconnect the healthcare worker away from the very reason they chose this field: to serve, help and heal patients. One cannot give what one does not have.

One of the many challenges facing healthcare givers is feeling alone. My gifts, talents and experience helped me create this program to offer support, guidance and comfort like that of a trusted friend or companion--making change possible even in these times. No one should have to do this alone.

I have been coaching for more than twenty-five years and understand how to move individuals from where they are in the moment to where they may desire to be--even when they may not be able to see a path forward for themselves. I give them understanding, hope and a plan.


End-of-Life Care

My work in hospice has given me the opportunity to use intuition and expertise to assist those at their end of lives to make their transition and birthing out of this world more peaceful and soulful. The language I use to describe the dying process may be different than what is usually used, yet these are unusual times that call for a deeper way of being. Healthcare givers benefit when they understand the profound role they play as they are at the bedside of a person leaving this earth. The healthcare giver also needs to make meaning of what they are experiencing at such an unprecedented pace. I teach the wisdom that lies within the dying process to make it better for the one dying and for the one by their side.

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There are three Keystones in the Healthcare Renew Program. Each Keystone sets the foundation for renewal. Small steps along the way, called Steppingstones, make progress easily achievable. 


Restore focuses on self-care in a new way


Restore is not another typical self-care idea that encourages bubble baths, massages or pedicures (though these methods are fine). For an exhausted healthcare giver, typical self-care may feel impossible to take the time for and may be experienced as another “to-do.” Restore goes much deeper into specific techniques that work immediately, in the moment, doing what its name states--restoring. New habits easily develop and much-need relief is felt.

Restore Steppingstones address:

  • Health versus exhaustion

  • Boundaries that preserve wellbeing 

  • The power of language to help or hurt

Restore teaches tools and techniques for a new way of self-care using meditation, visualization, centering, grounding, breathing practices and more.

Reflect focuses on meaning and understanding

Reflect supports the healthcare giver in going beyond the day-to-day and moment-by-moment swirl of activity, responsibility and at times, devastation they may encounter. The healthcare giver is taught to understand and then honor what is happening to them as a result of the unusual circumstances in which they are working each day. Then they move beyond understanding to meaning, which is where they begin to honor themselves in greater ways.

Reflect Steppingstones address:

  • Making sense of what does not seem to make sense

  • Emotional pain and its meaning

  • Dying, death, grief and survivor guilt (from a Hospice perspective)

Reflect teaches tools and techniques for releasing anger, unresolved feelings and trauma left behind by the COVID-19 pandemic. A new sense of meaning opens the door for reemergence to be happy, healthy and whole.


Reemerge focuses on forward movement

Reemerge takes all of the self-care, self-awareness and self-reflection growth that has occurred for the healthcare giver during the Restore and Reflect Keystones and melds it into a new way of being for a brighter path forward. Renewed vitality and energy has returned and a greater sense of self-respect and self-love emerges. The healthcare giver feels alive, happier, hopeful and more dedicated to healing and serving. Everyone benefits.

Reemerge Steppingstones address:

  • Embracing and honoring new perspectives 

  • Greater access to creativity, empathy and resilience

  • Increasing and sustaining harmonious depth of service

Reemerge teaches tools and techniques that improve work life and personal wellbeing for an evolving pandemic world. 

Renew Today


I would be honored to share this effective Healthcare Renew Program with you. Whether you are an individual or the administrator of a large healthcare facility, I can help you. Please say yes to yourself, and yes to living your life with greater ease, meaning and joy. I am here for you.

Help a Healthcare Worker

Gifting Program

Healthcare workers have experienced exhaustion, stress, burnout and

trauma from their constant delivery of care -- 

and their work is not done yet.

Healthcare Renew is a 12 week online, on-demand program

designed to help any healthcare professional to continue

their important work, feeling renewed.

This Gifting Program helps two healthcare workers for the price of one--

and one of them can be you!

Purchase Healthcare Renew for a healthcare worker

(a friend, family member or a total stranger)

whose dedication has made a difference in the lives of many.

The regular price of Healthcare Renew is $249, the Gifting Program price is $99.

(A traditional coaching program like this would cost $2995. But because so many healthcare workers need help,

Debbie designed Healthcare Renew to be on-demand & online - making it possible for all healthcare

workers in need to participate at a fraction of the cost.)

For every Gifting Program purchased, 

Debbie Mechley will donate a program to a healthcare worker in need.

Let's leave no healthcare worker uncared for.

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