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As a former healthcare professional and current Master Certified Health and Inner Wellness Coach, I am uniquely positioned to understand and empathize with healthcare givers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Little could have prepared nurses, doctors, administrators and staff for what they have witnessed, done and felt since March

of 2020.


Because of my experience, deep sense of connection with frontline healthcare givers and empathy for their plight, my heart led me to help. I knew at my core I could make a difference to restore health, vitality and hope to healthcare givers so I created and perfected the Healthcare Renew Program. 

The Healthcare Renew Program

The Healthcare Renew Program (HRP) is a safe, gentle and effective approach to help healthcare givers reflect on and make sense of what they are experiencing during COVID-19. Without reflection, meaning and a plan to do things differently, healthcare givers become depleted and defeated. This does no good for anyone--and may disconnect the healthcare worker away from the very reason they chose this field: to serve, help and heal patients. One cannot give what one does not have.

One of the many challenges facing healthcare givers is feeling alone. My gifts, talents and experience helped me create this program to offer support, guidance and comfort like that of a trusted friend or companion--making change possible even in these times. No one should have to do this alone.

I have been coaching for more than twenty-five years and understand how to move individuals from where they are in the moment to where they may desire to be--even when they may not be able to see a path forward for themselves. I give them understanding, hope and a plan.


End-of-Life Care

My work in hospice has given me the opportunity to use intuition and expertise to assist those at their end of lives to make their transition and birthing out of this world more peaceful and soulful. The language I use to describe the dying process may be different than what is usually used, yet these are unusual times that call for a deeper way of being. Healthcare givers benefit when they understand the profound role they play as they are at the bedside of a person leaving this earth. The healthcare giver also needs to make meaning of what they are experiencing at such an unprecedented pace. I teach the wisdom that lies within the dying process to make it better for the one dying and for the one by their side.

A New Approach


Healthcare givers need this program to restore them in ways that may make them even better versions of themselves than they were before COVID-19.  They need to shift physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I help them in each of these areas and beyond.

The Healthcare Renew Program is structured into three segments called Keystones. Each Keystone is a grounding central principle that is achieved by taking small incremental steps called Steppingstones.

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Here are the three Keystones of the Healthcare Renew Program


Restore focuses on self-care in a new way


Restore is not another typical self-care idea that encourages bubble baths, massages or pedicures (though these methods are fine). For an exhausted healthcare giver, typical self-care may feel impossible to take the time for and may be experienced as another “to-do.” Restore goes much deeper into specific techniques that work immediately, in the moment, doing what its name states--restoring. New habits easily develop and much-need relief is felt.

Reflect focuses on meaning and understanding

Reflect supports the healthcare giver in going beyond the day-to-day and moment-by-moment swirl of activity, responsibility and at times, devastation they may encounter. The healthcare giver is taught to understand and then honor what is happening to them as a result of the unusual circumstances in which they are working each day. Then they move beyond understanding to meaning, which is where they begin to honor themselves in greater ways.


Reemerge focuses on forward movement

Reemerge takes all of the self-care, self-awareness and self-reflection growth that has occurred for the healthcare giver during the Restore and Reflect Keystones and melds it into a new way of being for a brighter path forward. Renewed vitality and energy has returned and a greater sense of self-respect and self-love emerges. The healthcare giver feels alive, happier, hopeful and more dedicated to healing and serving. Everyone benefits.


Renew Today


I would be honored to share this effective Healthcare Renew Program with you. Whether you are an individual or the administrator of a large healthcare facility, I can help you. Please say yes to yourself, and yes to living your life with greater ease, meaning and joy. I am here for you.

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Relevant Experience and Credentials:


  • Certified Registered Medical Assistant (CRMA) - 24 years

  • Master Certified Health & Inner Wellness Coach - 25 years

  • Founder of Time to Renew Coaching


  • Creator of Healthcare Renew Program

  • Spiritual Care Advisor for Hospice - 7 years and currently 


  • Certified Venerable Women Luminary Leader

  • Chaplain - Licensed Clergy - 13 years

  • Certified in Honoring Choices 

  • Professional Speaker and Author 

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Time to Renew Coaching
Those seeking hope and a plan for their future may want to go deeper, continuing their journey of renewal. Time to Renew Coaching provides several choices for next steps in the journey. To learn more, click here.
JoAn Laes.jpg

JoAn Laes, MD

Hospitalist Physician

"Debbie came into my life at a time that I was undergoing great change, questioning a lot of my previously-defined goals.


Debbie’s inner wellness coaching helped me navigate through my health, work and relationships – and quieted the chatterbox in my head that made me analyze everything.


Debbie Mechley was a lifeline to me when I was sinking."

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